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I make porns. Thanks for coming.

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@smokedrop re-scouted me so its all good now~

Lol, it looks like I'm not scouted anymore.
I've barely connected to newgrounds since quite some time.
Well, whatever, not like I really care anyway, since the only things I received from this website are hostile downvote of my stuff ...
Downvote, put in the invisible zone by default, and unscouted because someone has been unscouted somewhere for some reasons and GFY artist and blabla and nonsense stupid logic from lazy mods who don't care to take moderation in charge themselves so they rely on a Jenga system where someone not meeting their obscur standards ruined everyone else around because fuck you ...
Awesome websites... lol
Makes me wonder why I even bother to go there...

True. I get a lot more love on other sites than I do here, but its always good to branch out. who cares if a few shut-ins downvote stuff? they live for negativity through their jealousy.

@angelDX Well, my problem is that it seems vote have quite an importance here where downvoted stuff are shooed away from people view.
So that troll and bitchy downvote have actually impact on your stuff. Which really sucks and don't make me want to invest in a system where you're screwed from start by stupid rules and asshole community ...

If there are haters, it means you are breaking their vanilla shit-society, shitciety if you will, and showing them vanilla stuff isnt all that exists. Its their problem if they dont like it. Eventually people will see the works and be like "oh, it got down'd but its good. then they up it and eventually your stuff balances out.

@LeFrenchFox @angelDX That's a cheering thought ! ^^ Thanks for it. Though, i'm too down these days for such considerations. So for now, i'll just forget about newgrounds and use my times for more meaningful things.

Same thing happened to me, I think it has to do with the person who originally scouted you. Sadly I’m still not scouted.