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Veran Suggestion Box

Posted by angelDX - February 5th, 2019

So a few years back I did an Ask Veran thing on deviantart, but now Im doing something different for this time.

The all Veran request/Suggestion box.

I just finished sketching the final Veran X hermione comic page, so now I will give you guys the chance to get some free sketches from me. Its a good thing for people who cant pay for comms.

Just comment your suggestion here, with references, and get a free sketch! Just bear in mind I can refuse them for any reason. They all have to include Veran in some way ^^

Priority order:

  1. People who routinely comment
  2. People who just started commenting after this post
  3. others

One random picture May be lined and colored!

Thanks, Veran fans!

Pic 1: Veran Facesitting: https://imgur.com/a/uLCmEbv

Pic 2: Veran Pussy Spread: https://imgur.com/a/hvOjoHD

Pic 3: Veran with Horsecock and cock-drunk Urbosa: https://imgur.com/a/ZLrbrYh


Comments (17)

Veran sporting a massive set of muscles and a gut?

At the same time? Do you have a reference?

Thank you. So the belly is somewhat still all soft, but she has mascles as well. might be a good challenge!

How about Veran sat with her legs spread, holding her pussy open and her recent creampie dribbling out her tasty hole? ^^

Do you have a reference? Its something new for me, sounds like a good challenge.

Got it, thanks ^^ gives me an excuse to do some pussy practice :p

Need any reference for my suggestions for bellatrix and urbosa? Think you know what they look like.

Yeah! Not for the characters themselves but for the ideas you had for being cock drunk

@HypnoMilk @angelDX
Pretty much just like that but with cock instead of alcohol. Just a derpy smile as they can’t stop themselves from riding or sucking anyone they see.

@angelDX that looks awesome! <3

Glad you like how it turned out! Do you prefer my neon lines or black ones for sketches?

@angelDX I actually like the neon like personally, its different ^^

Ah okay ^^ I will keep that from now on.

Veran with a big belly flattening someone under it?

Any references?

@HypnoMilk @angelDX @angelDX good lord that urbosa dialogue got me going. Incredibly sexy all around, I love it!

@angelDX Nice!

Glad it turned out all right for you ^^

From deviantart: Veran possessing someone, then eating someone else as them before leaving.